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ADORE!!! Shades of Gray Custom Ink - Houston Calligraphy

As you know, my favorite colors for clothing are various shades of gray and black.  I guess I'm a little dark :).  So it was quite a treat to meet with a client yesterday that requested a custom made gray ink for her project.  ADORE!  Most people will say "how can gray & black be your favorite colors?"  For me (especially with my clothes), it is utilitarian.  Black and gray go with EVERYTHING and they are simple and chic without any effort.  No mistaking that.   And in my opinion, they both yield a subtle sexiness that doesn't have to scream or beg for attention.  I love gray as it is very chic and subtle, but breathtaking at the same time.  So there it is.  I LOVE GRAY!

In calligraphy, you actually rarely see gray ink.  Of course it is used, but you just don't see it often.  Calligraphers tend to sleep on gray.  Not because they don't want to use it, but likely because we use what our clients request.  Enter: golds, rose golds, silver and the award for the most popular ink color will forever go to black.  Yes it's classic and is one of my 2 favorite colors for clothing, but when it comes to calligraphy, I try to avoid black.  SIDE NOTE: fashion designers do that often too.  They will design their work with color, but their personal wardrobes: BLACK. I digress....

I provided 4 shades of gray as I knew that she wanted something closer to charcoal, but at the same time who doesn't like options....especially when it comes to calligraphy.  Alas, this is what I sent.  

Peace & Love while Slinging Ink®!

Shades of gray houston Calligraphy.jpg

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Calligraphy on Antiqued Arabesque Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall....who is the fairest of them all?  I have no idea, but I do ADORE placing calligraphy on these little mirrors.   They are roughly 4" and have an antique appearance in an arabesque shape.  I have used these a few times, but sadly I am only just now providing pics of one of those projects.  Please accept my sincerest apologies for the tardiness...and I DO detest tardiness :)  

These are great for 3 reasons:

1. They provide another canvas for me to place calligraphy on as you know that I so often become bored with the garden variety.

2. It provides a keepsake for your guests at your wedding or event that was calligraphed just for them 

3. It's nice for the ladies to have a mirror to check the lipstick etc without looking too vain...because you were checking out the calligraphy right?  Um hum.....

Cheers!  Peace, Love and Slinging Ink®!

Houston calligraphy arabesque mirror place card 2.jpg
Houston calligraphy arabesque mirror place card 3.jpg

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Macallan Scotch Bottle Engraving - Houston Calligrapher

Probably one of the most meaningful bottles that I've engraved at an event.  Here's to groovy parents... Gotta Love Macallan scotch.


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Lasercut Names/Placecards - Houston Calligraphy

This year has really been my "anything but paper" year with my work.  These laser cut wood names were created for a client out of St. Louis for an event.  I think that these came out nicely as she will be using them as placecards.  Cheers!

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Names for Invitations/Save the Dates - Los Angeles Calligrapher

This was created for a couple to use for their Save the Date.  They wanted to incorporate a cartouche and a blush of ice blue which will coincide with the bridesmaid dress.  I love it.  This will go to their stationer in a high resolution digital file for print. Voila!

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