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Cocktails & Calligraphy Anyone? - Houston Calligrapher

It's no surprise that I enjoy wine and spirits....or at least it shouldn't be.  I don't typically lean towards a cocktail unless a few things are at play. 

  • The restaurant where I am dining has a wine list that doesn't feature Burgundy wine or Champagne....sorry I have my preferences :)
  • It has been a challenging day...yes it is possible in the calligraphy business.  It is known :)

The inspiration for today was a French 75.  If you have never had one and would like the recipe, check out the photo below :)

Vendor Love

Photography by Three Smudges  

Styling by Little Coterie

Calligraphy by Yours Truly

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Avión Tequila Engraving Event - Houston Engraver

So I must admit that I swore off tequila in college about 20 years ago.  I had a disagreement with Jose Cuervo...and he won.  It took a few years before I was brave enough to chat with another tequila.  Then I moved to Texas and it became an inevitability.  

Avión Tequila is a beautifully, smooth tequila...very different from my college days :).  It's no secret that I LOVE working with wine and spirits for calligraphy engraving.  It has TRULY become one of my favorite things to do.  So imagine my elation when I was contacted by Avión Tequila for Christmas 2017 engraving events.  These were so much fun and frankly a breeze for calligraphy.  WHAT?!  You mean that the bottle has flat sides and is clear.  Done!  Placing calligraphy in these was easy and such a pleasure!  Cheers!

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Natural Agate Place Cards in White Ink - Modern Calligraphy

It's interesting how patterns evolve with the orders that I execute for clients.  The other week it was the week of quite a few projects with calligraphy on magnolia leaves.  This week, it's natural agate stones with white ink in modern calligraphy.  I love it!  It requires less thought on my part with minimal changes between projects!  HA!  Cheers!

Peace & Love while Slinging Ink®

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Women & Whiskies - Modern Calligraphy in Laser Cut Wood

Since I returned to Houston, this has been the first laser cut project that I have executed for a group in Los Angeles.  I'm not exactly sure what the event was celebrating, but any event that requires a laser cut saying "Women and Whiskies" is alright with me!  Love this!

As always, I just simply took modern calligraphy in pen and paper and transferred this over the laser cut modern calligraphy in wood.  These were then stained with a light golden pecan.  Cheers!  

Peace & Love while Slinging Ink®

Lasercut wood modern houston calligraphy 26 Sept 2017.jpg

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Marble Table Numbers - Gold Ink

These marble table numbers with calligraphy have been extremely popular lately.  Obviously, the color scheme would go well with any event.  I usually calligraph these in gold, champagne or rose gold ink.  The calligraphy on these was created using gold ink.  I also placed the calligraphy in a heavier fashion than I generally do.  Interestingly most of the time when I create these, it is for clients outside of Houston however every now and then a client here in Houston will request them.  Cheers!

Marble table numbers 11 Sept 2017.jpg

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