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Gucci Fragrance Bottle Engraving in Houston

As always, it is a pleasure engraving for clients at events here in Houston.  This weekend, I had the privilege of working with Gucci fragrances.  Gucci Bamboo has become a personal favorite and is clearly a favorite of others as well.  It figuratively flew off of the shelves this Mother's Day weekend.  This bottle was also incredibly easy to engrave.  Even better! Cheers!

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If you have received correspondence from me, you have received it with a wax seal executed by my hand.  Period...end of story.  For me, a letter that leaves my desk without a wax seal is incomplete.  I'm vintage when it comes to correspondence.  There is something about melting the wax and using my custom made seal with my initials or business information that just puts correspondence over the top.  

With that said, I understand that many people want a similar look without the added steps of melting wax and having decent aim to ensure that your seal is in the right position.  Then, of course, there is the likelihood of a few drops of wax falling in unintended places on the envelope or letter.  For me, that (mistakes & all) is part of the charm and shows the recipient that you took the time to do this specifically for them by hand.  However, not everyone shares that view.  

Enter stage left: custom self-adhesive wax seals from

On my first observation, I see that they have SO MANY BEAUTIFUL COLORS.  My favorites were the champagne, pearl chocolate (Seriously? YES), pearl burgundy, pearl blush, dark red, burgundy, and mauve.  Yes, I love earth tones in case you did't know.

So the first seals that I used were the custom copper 3/4" and the custom metallic gold 1" (seen above).  They looked perfect, as expected.  The color was beautiful and they adhered very well.  

picture of what happens when you try to pull it back up.  So yes, it is ON THERE!  

picture of what happens when you try to pull it back up.  So yes, it is ON THERE!  

There were 2 samples of the metallic gold 1".  One that had adhesive and one that did not.  This allows for the option to place your own adhesive if you desire.  

Without adhesive

Without adhesive

Then of course they have seals that "restick".  These are perfect for those that would like to have the option of taking a mulligan.  So of course the 10 year old in me thought "but does it really lift well and allow to you restick?"  Why yes. Yes, it does!  That was pretty cool, I thought.

So all in all, I think that if you are the person that wants to increase your chances of getting the right position with a wax seal the first time and you want for each one to look exactly the same, then the self-adhesive wax seals from are a great option.  

For me, however, my vintage soul demands creating wax seals in the vintage way.  Cheers!

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