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Monogram Work - Houston Calligrapher

In all honesty, monogram work with calligraphy isn't something that I gave much thought to until about 2015.  It's not something that many calligraphy clients here in Houston requested of me before then.  I believe with the easy accessibility of computer printing and design it's something that became less requested.  However, we are currently living in a calligraphy renaissance if you will as calligraphy, especially in larger cities like my adopted home of Houston, has become en vogue... again.  Thank the universe because that is how I make my living :).  

With that said, clients are wanting more of a personal touch that is individual to them and (thankfully) they want that personal touch to have been created by the hands of a human.  It makes a difference.  Granted, some will say that you can't tell a difference between lettering that is created via computer vs calligraphy from a person.  Of course, calligraphers and those of discerning taste will beg to differ.   There are certain design expressions that computers just can't provide as of the date of this blog post.  I have never seen my style of lettering anywhere else.  Obviously similarities are there but nothing just like it.  Penmanship is a signature.

Below are a few monograms that I created for clients this year for a wedding, a logo and personal stationery.  I personally have a preference for the ornamental penmanship style of lettering as these monograms yield the appearance of the American Golden Age of Penmanship (1800's-1950).  Of course, I can use other calligraphy styles.  Just let me know.

I believe that calligraphy is the most elegant form of written communication.  Either do it beautifully or not at all.  ¡Qué tenga buen día!  ¡Paz y amor a todo!

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Howdy Y'all Lasercut Calligraphy Sign - Houston Calligraphy

A few months ago, my services were retained to create a large laser cut sign (each word was roughly 2' tall & 5' long) that said "Howdy Y'all" in modern brush calligraphy.  It doesn't sound like a big deal and honestly I didn't see it as a big deal either.....until I had to load it into the back of my vehicle...pack it .....& ship it to Los Angeles, CA.  Yes, so it was a big deal :).  It was really groovy to see the end result.  I think that it came out nicely.  Cheers!


Vendor Love

Photographer: Vis Photography

Planner and Designer: Bliss Productions

Florist: Marks Gardens 

Rentals: A1 Rental Connection

Tableware: Casa De Perrin

Linens: Luxe Linens

Howdy Sign: Slinging Ink™ Calligraphy

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Dessert Sized Lasercut Names - Houston Calligraphy

When I was contacted about providing names in calligraphy for an event, I had no idea as to how they would be used.  These dessert sized laser cut names were placed in little ornaments and served as place cards for an event in Los Angeles.  Very cute!

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How to begin Lasercut Names - Houston Calligraphy

I do quite a few Houston calligraphy projects laser cut out of wood and sometimes acrylic.  I was asked the other day how I start that process.  Sounds so artsy :)  Well here is how I start.  I just calligraph them on paper....  Pretty simple, see!  Just ignore the ones with x's...those would be the lovely mistakes. It happens.  Cheers!

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Smitten Magazine Feature - Houston Calligraphy

As always, it is truly a pleasure and an honor to see my work featured in a publication.   Smitten Magazine (Real Simple Magazine partner) featured a gorgeous photo shoot with ice cream where my work was used.  It's amazing how this little passion for calligraphy and penmanship that started out as a hobby has taken on a life of its own.  Cheers!

Summer sweet inspiration for a wedding that celebrates love AND ice cream!!

Houston Calligraphy Lasercut Name Place Card New York Los Angeles 1.jpg

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Laser cut Names & Dessert Signs - Houston Hand Lettering

So I've created these laser cut names for place cards ---people's names, but as always my clients are the best resource that I have for new ideas.  This client said that it would be really great if she had names for the ice cream bar at my wedding.  Seriously?!  A) Super cool that you are having an ice cream bar at your wedding. B) Let's take this sign idea to the next level....Let's laser cut it!....BOOM!  Love it!  

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White Marble Tile Calligraphy because WHY NOT?! - Houston Hand Lettering

Something new for the cool kids....You know that I get bored easily and needed something new to write on.  AND I have had easily 4 or 5 clients in the last month ask about something white for place card calligraphy that is exactly the same size from tile to tile (not a variation like the agate stones).  So they aren't "completely" white as there is slight gray marbling in there, but MY GOODNESS these tiles look gorgeous and calligraph well too.  I came across these white marble tiles a few weeks ago & I had them shipped straight from Italy.  We're getting fancy over here :)  

The size shown is 4" x 4" (hexagon shape) and I will also offer them in 3" x 3".  The 4" ones are PERFECT for escort card calligraphy and hand lettering as they easily allow for me to write first & last names (long ones too :)) and a table number.  I can write table numbers on the 3" ones too if you like.  These are in the Etsy shop today.  Links to each writing style via clicking the pictures below. Cheers!

#calligraphy #handlettering #marbletile #IPimpMyPen

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Slinging Ink® of Bella Grafia Calligraphy is a Houston Based calligraphy firm that was established on the idea that sometimes the vintage way of creating art is the best. Hand written calligraphy is the most elegant form of communication and an event focused on the art of others deserves nothing less.  As a Houston calligrapher & engraver, I believe in doing it beautifully or not at all.


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