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Houston Calligrapher - Janet Henderson Brown

If you are looking for calligrapher in Houston, then Janet Henderson Brown is the one to look for. She is able to design marriage invites – using several different hand lettering techniques, ranging from traditional styles to fancy scripts.

Janet Henderson Brown has been in the calligraphy business for years, making art by hand.  She has been writing for weddings, stationers and even caterers all over the country.

This is a list of services that Bella Grafia calligraphy offers, although there are still many other services which can be requested for by the client:

Some of the more common hand calligraphy styles that are used are Spencerian and Copperplate.

•         Hand Engraving

Bella Grafia calligraphy is able to engrave their work on almost any surface that you would like to – engraving by hand - not using laser and machine engraving.

•         Invitation Design

Janet Henderson Brown is able to style invitations for all kinds of events – including weddings. You have the choice of several different styles to choose from. Styles range from fancy fonts to more contemporary styles.

Bella Grafia calligraphy is able to style the whole invitation in hand calligraphy, or you can pick just the couple’s names to be written in a style – to set them apart from the rest of the invite.

To complete a whole invitation, it would take about 7 days or more – to complete the project although her calendar books up pretty quickly and is quite often booked 6-8 weeks out.

•         Escort and Place cards

When planning the perfect wedding, it is vital that you provide Place or Escort cards – these are the cards that tell guests where to sit and how to get there. Escort cards are usually more informal than Place cards, but they are both equally important.  Bella Grafia’s preference is to use ideas that are not the garden variety such as agate stones, marble tiles or laser cut wood for place cards or escort cards.

Bella Grafia calligraphy has a variety of styles which can be addressed using hand calligraphy.

About Janet Henderson Brown

My name is Janet and my passions revolve around my family, Spencerian & Madarasz calligraphy, music, the planet, Burgundy wine, vegan food & eventually becoming fluent in day.  If you call me while in the studio, you will likely hear anything from Jimi Hendrix to Verdi in the background.  I'm all over the place, but I'm passionate about all of it.

I'm a passionate, yet easy-going "Hippie at Heart".  Nonetheless, my style with calligraphy is simple & traditional, bordering on purist.  I've always been fascinated by beautiful penmanship, but calligraphy became an obsession when I needed calligraphy for my daughter's shower/wine soirée and was presented with "computer calligraphy".  By definition, this phrase is an oxymoron.

My love for hand calligraphy encouraged me to join like-minded people through associations such as the Houston Calligraphy Guild and IAMPETH.  I truly enjoy working as a Houston calligrapher, but I also have the privilege of assisting clients across the country in places such as New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, the Carolinas, Atlanta, Miami & Chicago to name a few.

The wine bottle engraving became an added medium for my calligraphy for 2 reasons.  I love beautiful writing and I love beautiful wine.  Generally speaking, Burgundy & Champagne suit my that order.  The occasional glass of scotch is nice, too.

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Slinging Ink® of Bella Grafia Calligraphy is a Houston Based calligraphy firm that was established on the idea that sometimes the vintage way of creating art is the best. Hand written calligraphy is the most elegant form of communication and an event focused on the art of others deserves nothing less.  As a Houston calligrapher & engraver, I believe in doing it beautifully or not at all.


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