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Calligrapher for Team USA - 2016 Rio Olympics

Houston calligrapher and wine bottle engraver

Modern Calligraphy - Houston Calligrapher

Modern calligraphy is very polarizing.  Some people love it and some people hate it.  I'm pretty objective and understand both views on it although I am typically a bit of a purist.  Over time, I have found that modern calligraphy has it's place and I use it in some instances over others.  I use it when I want to exhibit a carefree, easy-going attitude.  Serious isn't always my thing :).  Here, I wanted to mix things up a bit.  I love contrast and color with my work.  Not my clothes as I'm quite often in all black or gray hiding under my big floppy hat, but definitely my work :).  With contrast in mind, I combined a relaxed, almost textbook lettering with modern calligraphy and figured "let's add some color too".  Why not?  Enter my "Color Me Groovy" style.  I'm working on a collection of prints that will play with these themes and those will be out later this year.  Cheers!

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Slinging Ink® of Bella Grafia Calligraphy is a Houston Based calligraphy firm that was established on the idea that sometimes the vintage way of creating art is the best. Hand written calligraphy is the most elegant form of communication and an event focused on the art of others deserves nothing less.  As a Houston calligrapher & engraver, I believe in doing it beautifully or not at all.


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