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The Secret to Flourishing - Houston Calligraphy

My style with calligraphy is pretty traditional and clean, however I am a sucker for a little flourish here and there.  Nothing too flashy, but just a little for fun.  I was recently asked what the secret is to flourishing.  The answer is that it is so simple that you will be annoyed.  Wanna hear it?  Here it goes....  

1. Keep the lines that cross perpendicular.  I have found that this is one thing that I do pretty well.  You can look at my work and find that pretty much each crossing is at 90 degrees or pretty close.

2. Keep the lines that don't cross parallel.

3. Two dark lines cannot cross each other.

That's pretty much it!  These pictures provide close-ups of my work to see how the lines cross.  Cheers!

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Slinging Ink® of Bella Grafia Calligraphy is a Houston Based calligraphy firm that was established on the idea that sometimes the vintage way of creating art is the best. Hand written calligraphy is the most elegant form of communication and an event focused on the art of others deserves nothing less.  As a Houston calligrapher & engraver, I believe in doing it beautifully or not at all.


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