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Song Lyrics - Commissioned Piece - Houston Calligraphy

This client had the wonderful idea of presenting his wife with the song lyrics that they danced to at their wedding for their anniversary.  Great gift!  I also thought that I would use the pictures to show a glimpse of the process that I use on a piece of this nature.

My process is simple, but requires time.  I start by testing the paper with my inks.  Then I begin estimating the number of lines that will be needed (hand-written vs the computer type that I received) and the size of the lettering based on the size of paper that the client desires for framing etc.  Next, I draw graphite lines on the paper.  Then, I write the piece in pencil to estimate centering and reevaluate the number of lines needed etc.  This allows me to make centering/spelling changes and shift lines without ruining countless pages of paper (save the trees, please).  Then, I ink it and let it dry.  After it's dry, I erase the lines and proof-read for the 2nd time.  He loved it.....Mission Accomplished!

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Slinging Ink® of Bella Grafia Calligraphy is a Houston Based calligraphy firm that was established on the idea that sometimes the vintage way of creating art is the best. Hand written calligraphy is the most elegant form of communication and an event focused on the art of others deserves nothing less.  As a Houston calligrapher & engraver, I believe in doing it beautifully or not at all.


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