Slinging Ink® Calligraphy & Engraving

Calligrapher for Team USA - 2016 Rio Olympics

Houston calligrapher and wine bottle engraver


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Calligraphy on Mirrors

Confidently Lost _ Napoleon & Beethoven Houston Calligraphy Mirror 1 Feb 2018 58.jpg
antique arabesque mirrors Houston calligraphy 26 Oct 2017_preview.jpg


Commercial Calligraphy


Branding & logo Work

The Frenchie Logo Houston Hand Lettering Calligraphy Logo design.png
Oui Oui Logo Houston Hand Lettering Calligraphy Logo design.png
Houston Hand Lettering Queen Calligraphy.jpg


Event Calligraphy



Calligraphy on Magnolia Leaves


Calligraphy on marble tile



Certificate Work



Brush Lettering for Advertising

Lasercut Calligraphy

Houston Hand Lettering Calligrapher Laser Cut Names Place cards.jpg


Agate Stone Calligraphy



in the style of Ornamental Penmanship


"Life sized" Lasercut wood signs   Ex. the sign shown: Each word is roughly 5 feet x 2 feet

"Life sized" Lasercut wood signs 

Ex. the sign shown: Each word is roughly 5 feet x 2 feet


Calligraphy STYLEs


Style: Bella Grafia Signature Script



Style: Modern Calligraphy

Mustard Seed Photography ~   Alicia Pyne ~

Mustard Seed Photography ~

Alicia Pyne ~



Style: Color me Groovy



 Style: Ornamental Penmanship w/ Casual Script





style: Perspective


Houston Calligraphy - Perspective 3.jpg




Style: Lola

(Connected & monoline style)




Style: Calligraphic Birds





Style: Spencerian/Ornamental Penmanship




Style: Business Casual




Style: Elis




Style: Flourishes




Style: Upright Script





Style: Outer Envelope with a Cartouche




Style: Blush of Color




Style: Nothing Serious






Invitation Design Work

Design work is sent to Cotton Paperie Stationers as a high resolution raster file for letterpress, thermography, engraving etc. reproduction.  Printing (reproduction work) is provided by Cotton Paperie.



To book on-site calligraphy work for events, please email for a quote/scheduling. 

Click here for necessary tidbits


Guest lists are requested electronically sent via email written exactly the way that they are desired to appear on the envelope.  Word or Pages documents are preferred,

Twenty percent (20%) extra materials are requested as everything is written by hand with ink & a pointed nib.

In the event that additional envelopes/place cards are requested after the return of a project due to an oversight by the client, there will be a $15 set up fee for each additional set of envelopes/place cards to be calligraphed regardless of size. 


All major credit cards are accepted.

A 50% deposit is required for placement on the calligraphy calendar.  Full payment is required at the time of the return of a project. 


Courier & shipping services are available & welcomed


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